Instagram Influencers Marketing Strategy For Maximum Results

Instagram Influencers
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WARNING: This article is a little long, don’t expect to learn anything if you’re not taking notes, you’ll only get confused.

Choosing the right influencer to promote your product has always been a challenging task to most dropshipping starters who found the idea of Instagram shout outs more interesting and less techy than other advertising methods, the difference between those who make it happen and those who don’t is the fact that the ones who made it, invested more time, and probably more cash, just more than what those who don’t succeed  invested! more time to learn how they can do it right, in addition to the amount of money they invested to implement and verify the information they learned. if you actually read my product research methods article, you will have an idea on how easy it is to hit big numbers using Instagram influencers marketing.

$400 spent on Instagram shout outs

my role today is to teach you The Art Of Instagram Influencer Marketing, looking at it and treating it as an art, is the only thing that would make you achieve big numbers. and before we go any further, we need to take a moment and look at how the things work in theory, so we have a clear vision of what are the most important parts, in order for us to not underestimate any part of them up and screw the whole thing.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Conversion Funnel

The first part of the Conversion Funnel is the Instagram Post which includes a video of your product and the description of the video, so if this part wasn’t catchy enough to grab people’s attention and make them interested, would you blame it on the influencer? I wouldn’t.
The second part is the Landing Page, this landing page should be optimized for conversions, in other words, it should be designed and written in a way that would make visitors trust and consider your brand and product, so they can be comfortable about making the decision and click the goddamn button.
The 3rd part is the Checkout Process, your Checkout Process should be easy and customer friendly so you won’t have the abandoned checkout headache, and have most of those who clicked through convert and turn into a customer.
If you only care about the first sale, we should be done by here, and for those of you who love to learn more and implement, I’ll be adding a whole section in which I’ll show you my personal strategy that I NEVER shared with anyone, and I’ll tell you how you can engage your visitors and customers using retargeting ads and email marketing, to get even more sales.

Part A: Reach

The first thing you always need is a product that solves a problem and makes things easier, in an entertaining or a cool way, I wrote a whole article on how to find products that generate sales, you may use it to find what you need. once you have a good product, you’ll have to create at least 2 videos in which you will showcase all the cool things about that product while making sure you touch the emotions of your target audience, because it’s all about how people feel when they see your ad, did they get their emotions attached to it or not? have you made it interesting enough or not?
You can create stunning videos using Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Camtasia, or whatever tool you are currently using, but because I don’t know how to play around with these techy tools, I used to outsource it to a professional from to get it done for me in a nice and clean manner, sometimes I ended up over-paying hundreds of dollars for a couple of videos, until I offered a friend of mine who happened to nail it, a full time job.
After you get yourself a couple of perfect and flawless video commercials, upload them to your google drive account so when you need to send them to the influencer, you just send him a link and he can download them easily.
Your next task is to write down a good ad copy/description, letting emotions flow within. If you can’t seem to get it right, you can always hire a professional from, while reading and learning more about marketing to help improve your skills.
Using hashtags can help you make your product be seen by as many Instagram users as possible, so you might as well consider including up to 10 hashtags, I do use to find hashtags that actually help me reach more people depending on the size of the influencer I’m working with.

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator
Best Hashtags for a Fashion related post with a 25k Followers Influencer

Until now, the missing part is finding influencers. the best way to find an influencer for your niche product is by searching Instagram for all the possible keywords that can be associated with that niche. you can also use to find keyword ideas, then look around within all the hashtags you find in there for posts with tons of engagements, and make sure to visit profiles of these guys to see who has good numbers.
After you get yourself a list of potential influencers with over 40k audience size, you wanna check their engagement rate on Phlanx Engagement Calculator to see whether they’re good at engaging their audience or not.

do Instagram Influencers for dropshipping work?

One other crucial thing you need to do, is to check them all on Social Blade and see the development of their followers, if it’s going up like the one below, that would be nice. if it’s taking highs and lows, there’s a huge chance the owner of that Instagram profile is buying bots to grow his follower size and scam noobs who don’t have as much insights as you do.

Social Blade Stats

Filter out all the suspicious accounts, send a DM to each and every one of those who met your criteria, and if you find an email within their bio make sure to send them an email too, some don’t read DMs, so you have to knock all doors.
I do prefer Influencers with a personal kind of profiles, they have more influence on people than the regular sort who exploit their followers by posting a video of new products every day, people seem to ignore their posts until they’re fed up with these influencers who try to sell them something new every day…
There are other perks of working with personal influencers, like you can send them the product, and they’ll start filming you a video when they get it, so you won’t be stealing other people’s videos anymore. another one is when their followers -that are already familiar with their faces- see them using the product, they are more likely to trust your brand.
Most influencers nowadays use Instagram Business accounts, so they all have lots of insights on their audiences such as sexes, ages, locations, and best hours and days of the week, so always ask the influencer to send you screenshots.

Instagram Insights for business profiles
Instagram Insights from an Instagram Business account

When I’m working with a new influencer I never worked with before, I always go for a 3 hours shout-out, not 12 hours, not 24 hours either, it’s just like testing an interest on Facebook ads or a keyword on google ads, if you’re not breaking even, you don’t put more money in, and when you start seeing a peak, you stop advertising. a 3 hours shout out is enough for you to know if the audience is worth your money or not, just make sure to post at a good time, and don’t overpay.

Audience SizeAverage Pricing
Less than 50k$10/3h
Between 50k & 100k$25/3h
Between 100k & 300k$40/3h
Between 300k & 700k$50/3h
Between 700k & 1M$65/3h
Between 1M & 3M$80/3h
Between 3M & 6M$100-$130/3h

These estimated rates are based on my experience with Instagram Shout-outs, you may find influencers that ask for more or less, but it’s always up to you to read their stats and decide whether to give it a shot or to find someone else.
Working with many influencers at the same time is a good idea if you have a good budget because I believe that waiting for a shout out to end to start another one is a huge waste of time, but you may think that when you get sales, you won’t know from which influencer did these sales come from… I wanna tell you my friend that every problem has a solution, and I want you to think this way for the rest of your life.
There’s a free solution you can use, and another one that would cost you $5 a month which is very affordable.
The first solution is including a coupon within your ad copy, each influencer has to have a unique code, so when people use these coupons to buy, the number of sales in which that code was used, is the number of sales you got from the influencer associated to that code, you can even use the handle of the influencer as your coupon code so things will look clear.
The second method is using the $5 a month app called Short Link & Track, which will give you the ability to create a unique link with your own domain in it -for branding purposes- and see how many visits and sales you got from the same link. using one of these ideas will help you keep your data organized while doing even 20 shout outs at the same time.


Part B: Land and Close

1- How to optimize your landing page for conversions?

Creating a good landing page is a difference-making step that could double or even triple your sales if done the right way. I know a lot of you get confused when they hear “the right way” and most of you guys think there are hidden secrets that we don’t wanna share. If there was a secret we don’t mention, it would be the fact that we work harder, spend more time learning, thinking outside the box, and testing out our theories to see if they work or not, and that’s how a person can achieve big things in his lifetime.
Going back to the landing page… a good looking custom made landing page will always increase your conversion rate drastically, that’s why I highly recommend that you always create a perfect landing page before sending traffic.
I’ve been using Shogun for almost 10 months to build flawless landing pages, I spent a lot of time testing out a lot of templates, and I came to a simple conclusion: The way you introduce your product does matter, and there are certain elements that all the high converting landing page contain, these elements are really simple, and you may already know them, but not using them the way they should be used.
The first element is HQ pixelated images that show different uses of the product, so your audience can see the different situations and see how do they relate to them. AliExpress is not a good source of product images, however, if you can’t buy the product and take your own pictures, you can find some HQ images at Amazon or eBay and use some chrome extension to help you download them.
The second element is a description that puts the audience you’re talking to in a common problem they may be having on a daily or a weekly basis, then show them how can your product solve that problem once and for all using bullet points. Telling stories is a very common way to engage your audience and have them paying attention.
The third element is reviews. Some people won’t trust you unless they see what other people say about your product, and the way they got it, was it late? damaged? and so on… I do Believe Loox and Ali Reviews are so 2017, and if you want to stand out in 2019, you gotta rise above 2017 and 2018 and find better ways to do things. You can navigate the web and visit some popular websites, see how their reviews look like, and I’m pretty sure you can do it better using Shogun
The fourth that should be included in a landing page to optimize it for conversions, is a F.A.Qs section (Frequently Asked Questions). People are very insecure, they only need one mistake to trigger a red flag in their system then take a decision you don’t want them to take. The best way to make sure these red flags aren’t raised is to answer their question right before their subconscious system starts questioning things.
The Fifth and the last element I love to include in my landing pages and websites is a live chat button in which people can click and ask what’s on their minds at the moment, so one of my VAs will give them a fast answer, and they won’t end up bouncing from my landing page without me comforting and giving them all the reasons they need to trust my brand and make the purchase
For live chat, I use LiveChat, they have a Shopify app and a lot of automation you can use to answer your customers’ concerns when you or your VAs are not live.
Unlike many other live chat apps, LiveChat, has a mobile app, so you can answer messages while going out on a walk, and when it comes to the convenience of it, LiveChat doesn’t add lots of scripts to your website’s code, which keeps your store’s loading speed almost the same.

LiveChat has a 30 day free trial which I highly recommend that you take advantage of, cause it’ll add trust and credibility to your brand.
I came across dozens if not hundreds of landing pages with these very same elements, but I didn’t know the depth behind these elements until I started experimenting.

2- Abandoned Checkouts Headache

The last thing that would make your conversion rate go down is a checkout process that sucks. The key to having less abandoned checkouts is having a user-friendly checkout process.
The first thing toward that is to cut the unnecessary parts, I do consider the cart page unnecessary, so I use One-Click Checkout to skip the cart page, and jump straight to the checkout process. If you’re on a budget, you may use Skip Cart or Skip To Checkout to save you some bucks. I found 2 free apps that claim they do the same thing, but I didn’t like them because they are buggy most of the time, and believe me! they will make you lose money by not operating the way they should.
The second thing toward a better customer friendly experience is a nice and clean checkout. I will tell you the options you have, and it’s up to you and your budget to chose.
Option 1: The only free option out there is Shopify Checkout Hack 3.0 read the article Karlo wrote, then copy/paste the code, and you’ll be fine. you’ll need to inspect the code at the checkout page to know where the images are, and change them with your own because almost everyone who uses this checkout hack didn’t bother to change a god damn thing about it. We all consume, but few are the creative producers among us.

Shopify Checkout Hack 3.0
It took me less than 6 minutes to find a store with the checkout hack that didn’t change a thing about it…

Option 2:This one is also a product of Conversion Pirate… How productive can a man be? it’s a very enhanced version of the Shopify Checkout Hack 3.0 Every single part of it is tested alongside many variations, and proven to make customers count your brand in as a trusted business, which will absolutely make your conversion rate go up. The one we’re talking about is Conversion Pirate Checkout App. Make sure to take a look at it.

Option 3: Did you ever notice that the classic 3 steps checkout bounces more people than the ones it converts? Well, the last option you have to make your checkout process as friendly as possible is absolutely the best option at all.
Unlike the previous options, this one gives you the chance to have a customizable one step checkout, just the same concept big brands such as
ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft base their checkout process on. It also allows you to add as many upsells, and downsells as you may desire to drive your average order value higher, and increase your return on ad spent.
We’re talking here about CartHook. There’s only one financial concern when we talk about CartHook, not everyone can afford it because it currently costs $300 and there’s no way around it.
But hey… don’t be mad, CartHook offers a 14-day trial, and if you’re smart enough to be taking notes on what I said from the beginning until the very end of this article, and if you’re ready to implement all the valuable insights I spent hours writing down to you, there’s very huge chance you’ll make more money than CartHook costs within your first $100 invested in Instagram Influencer marketing, and you’ll be able to pay for CartHook before your trial ends.
I do really want you to succeed so my hours of hardworking won’t be just a waste of time, so make sure to take notes, rationalize, and implement everything I gave, and have a hunger to information!

The Power of Shopify + CartHook

Part C: Turn Cold Traffic Into Warm (Bonus)

If you know the difference between cold traffic and warm traffic, I think you already know more than most of the dudes reading this. If you never heard of cold and warm traffic, let me explain it to you.
Cold traffic is basically the visitors that never ever heard about your brand, if you’re just starting out your own business, all the marketing campaigns you’ll run, will drive only cold traffic. While warm traffic refers to those who already know a little, or a lot about your brand and what it has to offer them.
Knowing the difference between cold and warm traffic, you’d realize that your chance to convert warm traffic is greater than the chance you have to convert the cold one. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have a chance to make sales from people that never heard of you, it just means that you should learn the basics of branding and marketing to get yourself started, then learn how to engage your cold traffic, and warm it up.

The Most Powerful Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
The strategy that I invented to generate a six-figure income over and over again in the past 2 years.

This strategy is very powerful, and it’s very easy to implement if you’re already a good marketer, if you don’t understand how marketing works, you may take some time to educate yourself first before investing your hard earned cash. You can start with Marketing Secrets Blackbook by Russel Brunson the CEO of Clickfunnels, it’s free, and valuable, but don’t stop your learning journey at it, your learning journey actually never stops…

Retargeting Ads:

Looking at the blue sequence, it’s the very same process I covered in both Part A and B of this article, from choosing your products, creating content, videos, landing pages and finding reliable influencers that can send some quality traffic.
The green sequence is basically retargeting visitors who abandoned their checkout using Facebook retargeting ads (Custom audience of people who visited your link and clicked Add To Cart button without Purchasing). You can give them an extra gift to make them feel they took advantage of you, the gift can be a tool in the same niche as your product, or a tool that’s very broad that everyone can find it useful, but the best gift idea and less expensive one on the long run is giving niche specefic eBooks as gifts, I spent 2 weeks testing this strategy out in 2018 and it worked and still work very well.
There are 2 ways you can create valuable and nice looking eBooks, The first way is outsourcing it to a professional on, the second method is creating your own eBooks, I couldn’t find a better eBook builder than Sqribble, it’s a lot like building funnels with ClickFunnels, except that you’re building eBooks, not funnels. one-time $67 payment can save you hundreds of dollars on, and you won’t worry about sending a couple of product while getting paid for only one.

The orange sequence is the part that I like because it fuels my email list with tons of emails, emails of traffic that’s warm enough to convert like a piece of cake within 20 days… The concept is very clear, you run retargeting ads on Facebook (Custom Audience of people who visited your product link, but didn’t Purchase) your ad will basically be a free giveaway of the product you promoted on the influencer’s profile, or the free eBook you made. free giveaways are magnets, they attract people then turn them into your leads… the link in your ad will be sending people to a squeeze page in which you’ll only ask them for their first name and email. Once they give you their names and email addresses, you may send them to an upsell page in which you’ll offer them a cheap product (that would cover retargeting cost) and you’ll give them the motive to buy from you, this motive is increasing their chance of winning the free product they opted in for by x2, x3, or x4 times…

When retargeting both abandoned checkouts and visitors in the green and orange sequences, I launch Traffic campaigns with a lifetime budget (not daily budget) so I can have the ability to target the time frames in which people are not on their 9-5 lifestyle (that sucks) so I make sure my ads will be delivered when people are comfortable doing what they like (which is wasting all their fucking free precious time on social media).

Facebook Ads Lifetime Budget

Another important thing is to only retarget tier 1 countries, you know why? because people from Algeria or Nepal aren’t gonna take their credit card and buy from you, in fact, they don’t have good paying jobs to own credit cards.

Squeeze Page & Email Marketing Like a Boss:

According to Wikipedia “A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks. Quality squeeze pages use success stories that the prospect would relate to when making a buying decision. They also use things like color psychology, catchy sales copy and keyword rich text placed with SEO in mind. Some advanced marketers even use audio and video on their squeeze page.”

Squeeze Page Sample
Squeeze Page Smaple

To build Squeeze Pages and do professional email marketing, GetResponse is everything you need and more, you don’t need a pricy funnel builder like ClickFunnels to get this done…
With GetResponse, you can create high converting squeeze pages to grow your email list, but the reason why I love it, is the follow-up email sequences option it provides, which is absolutely rare and very cheap compared to the $15/month.

GetResponse Workflow

How does it work? You just create a series of emails, let’s say 5 emails, you have to provide value in the first emails, then offer a product from a time to another.
The emails in which you promote a product should be less than 30% of your total emails, 70% should be pure valuable content that’s related to the email list’s niche.

Follow-Up Email Sequence


It’s a whole lotta insights, and it’s very common to feel a little bit confused and unsure. To help making it clear to you, I will break down to you what parts of this strategy you can follow to see some results depending on your budget.

TrialLow BudgetAverage BudgetSafe Budget
Shopify Plan ($29)14YesYesYes
Shogun ($19)10YesYesYes
Short Link & Track ($5.93)7Up To YouYesYes
LiveChat ($39)30YesYesYes
Cart App ($3-$15)YesYesYes
CartHook ($300)14TrialTrialYes
Instagram InfluencersN/A$200+$400+$750+
Retargeting AdsN/A$5/day$10/day$20/day
Sqribble ($67 One Time)N/ANoNoYes
GetResponse ($15)30YesYesYes
Total Bill$250-$350+$500-$600+$1200-$1500+

Hope you learned something from what took me days to write. I hope you’ll start learning more and implementing, hopefully, you’ll reach your goals and make your bigger dreams come true.
If you find this content valuable, please leave a comment down below, and share this with your ambitious friends, it will help me keep on giving more, and keep on breaking down all the game-changing strategies that’ll help you make some good money online, and if you have any answers, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll see if it’s interesting enough so I can write a new article about it.

About The Author:
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine is the Founder and CEO of Ecommerce Prophet. He started his own Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing journey back in 2016. He’s now working with Ecommerce businesses and brands of all sizes to help them get more sales, leads, optimize their conversions and operations.

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