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A lot of dropshippers now days are too lazy to think out of the box, they don’t develop new skills, that’s too bad for them, but good for the rest of us that use our brains and time to come up with bright ideas.

I’ve been dropshipping for the past 2 years, and I’ve seen people using free Shopify themes while they’re scaling a winning product, saw fewer test and scale their products on Clickfunnels which is awesome, I literally saw everything, But one thing I rarely see is people using custom made landing pages hosted within their Shopify store.
Yeah yeah, I know you might be thinking “what the heck does it even mean?!” and to be honest, that’s expected, and that’s why I wanted to create this content so you’d know how you’re wasting over 40% of your profit by not using custom made landing pages, and why you should start testing and scaling products and sending traffic to landing pages instead of the regular spammy product pages.

Why Do I Have to Care About Landing Pages?

First Impression Matters:


To further understand the first impression, I did a case study concerning landing pages, the case study was sending people from the same audience to different pages of the same winning product, one page was a simple product page, and the other one was a custom made landing page that was made to that particular audience’s needs.
After 7 days of collecting data, I made 2 custom audiences of people who visited the 2 pages, and then I ran an engagement campaign to get people to follow my brand’s Instagram account through an Instagram Story, the results for the audience that saw the custom made landing page were 4 times better than the regular product page. it’s all about the first impression people get when they interact with you.
You can do this simple strategy to collect emails, grow your audience, or even grow a Facebook group and keep it engaged.
Clickfunnels became famous in no time because people find it high converting, and the reason it converts people like a piece of cake is the fact that it allows you -as a marketer- to create the Landing Page that is more likely to give an excellent first impression and convert the hell out of your audience, it’s just drag and drop the element you’d like to add to your page, and it’s added.

Convert Cold Traffic:

Landing Pages are popular to convert cold traffic like peanuts if done correctly, I get a conversion rate of above 6% easily when I scale my products with a decent Landing Page.

Conversion rate of my landing pages

I must explain the difference between cold and warm traffic to those who don’t know what it means.
Cold traffic is basically people that visit your website for the first time, they never heard of you, they have no idea who you are, what you want, and what it has to do with them. Those are less likely to convert if you didn’t know how to reach out and talk to them.
Warm traffic is people that have already seen your name somewhere, and have an idea of what you have to offer them. Those are more likely to convert if you know how to give them the motivation to take action.
Warm traffic can be repeat customers, or people coming from remarketing campaigns (it can also be me spying on your store to steal your winning products XD).
Every one of you who is just trying to get started with his own ecommerce project is going to get cold traffic, because they don’t have an audience that knows their business and what it has to offer.
When you use a custom made landing page that’s directed to the audience you’re reaching out to, your chances of converting cold traffic are higher than the chances of converting them with the spammy free themes product pages.

Cut The Expenses Of Bad Apps Once & For All:

Shopify and other Ecommerce platforms don’t allow you to customize your landing pages the way you’d want, they actually have ready to use layouts and themes that you can install with a click of a button, and you’re ready to go.
The problem is: You can’t customize it to meet your audience’s requirements even when you install countdown timers and reviews apps…
Let’s take Shopify for example, you install your favored theme and add some apps to make your product page look credible, what happens is you’re slowing your website down with these apps, make over 50% people bounce before they see the content of your page, and when you manage to make some sales with the rest 50% your conversion rate is no more than 2%… You see what I’m talking about?
Every sales funnel made by Clickfunnels or similar apps, starts with a high converting landing page which was made to meet the audience needs, it’s built with a simple drag and drop builder that allows you to put the element you want in the section of the page that you want it to be placed at.
You can do the same within your Shopify store, in fact, you can build anything you want, from a High converting landing page, an eye-catching Home page, to an impressive contact form and blog post.
You can do all of the above with Shogun Page Builder, it’s just one app to replace all the apps you’re currently using to convert more visitors and turn them into customers while cutting the expenses of other unnecessary apps that only slow your website down without having any huge impact on your conversion rate.
A lot of successful brands on Shopify are using Shogun Page Builder, I use it on all my branded stores, MVMT Watches which is a successful Shopify Brand use it too.
Shogun Page Builder is way easier than creating Landing Pages with Clickfunnels, I tried them both, and believe me, Clickfunnels is a little more complicated than Shogun, and slower too. So you Should use the 10 days free trial provided by Shogun, try it out and see the results yourself.

How Do I Create High Converting Landing Pages With Shogun?

Creating Landing Pages with Shogun is very easy, you just drag the element you want on your Landing Page, and drop it.
Shogun has pre-made templates that you can use, you just replace some elements with your product images and description, add reviews, and you’re good to go. But I highly recommend that you build your own pages.
You can use some Shogun pre-made templates to replace your home page if you’re using a free theme, make sure to Click Here to see a stunning home page template that you can use to replace you current home page.
One thing you should be aware of is the elements all the high converting Landing Pages contain, If you don’t know what to put on your Landing Page to make it convert more people, you should keep reading.
I did analyze almost 50 Landing Pages of some popular companies out there, some of them are Hosting Companies, Ecommerce Platforms, Business Phone Numbers Providers, Email Providers, Physical Products Suppliers, and Digital Products from all kinds… I noticed that they all contain the same elements, some of them add more, but they all have like the same structure. And here are the secret ingredients of the conversion rate sauce:

Emotion Touching Description:

When you’re writing your product’s description, make sure to have your ideal audience in mind so you can guess their insecurities, and write down how your product is going to solve their problems and eliminate their insecurities.
For the description, I love descriptions that are 400+ long with some images within, bullet points, and a story. but be careful, you should write a story of your experience with a problem that used to happen in the past, but no longer thanks to the product.
You don’t need to buy the product as long as you can write an imaginary story while making sure your audience can relate to the story.

Multiple Call To Action Buttons:

I tested landing pages with 1, 2 and 3 call to action buttons, and I see that the pages with 3 call to action buttons perform slightly better.
The thing that made them do so was the fact that my landing pages were a little long, so I needed to add a button at the end of every long part, or combine two small parts and put a button at the end of them. The longer the content is, the more buttons you’ll need to put so the visitors that are browsing your landing page won’t have to go from the bottom to the top of the page to click and get started.
Another important thing is the text that you’ll use on your call to action buttons. I don’t use the good old Add To Cart and Buy Now call to actions, instead, I prefer something like “Yes I Want It” because it doesn’t give people the feeling that they’re being abused, because people are self-protective, they like to buy but don’t like being sold to.


People need to feel secure before they take action, that’s why you need reviews on your Landing Page.
I’ve been navigating Quora once and saw a post of a man complaining about not receiving an item bought from an ecommerce store, and he was asking people in the community to help him out decide what to do.
I started reading the comments, and I saw another dude giving him some nice tips, one of them was not to buy from stores if there are no reviews, and told him to by from Amazon instead.
That’s just one reason you need Reviews on your Landing Page.
I personally hate the way Loox & Ali Reviews make your page look like, thank god I never need to use such bad apps thanks to Shogun.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When a person wants to buy from your store he will need to know some more info about the service you provide alongside the product such as Shipping time, and availability of tracking numbers. That’s why I highly recommend that you add at least 6 questions that might be on your ideal customer’s head so you can answer it before they feel insecure about your store, because if you give people just one reason to not trust you, yhey’ll just leave.

Live Chat:

Live Chat is a game changer in ecommerce because it adds more credibility to your store. When people have a certain question in mind, they can just click a button while they’re still on your store, you or your virtual assistant will give them the right answers to their questions, and they’ll just take action because they trust you even more.
For live chat, the best app out there is LiveChat, it’s trusted by Stripe, Mcdonald’s, PayPal, and a lot of other popular brands. LiveChat has a phone app that allows you to answer your visitors’ questions while you’re on the train, you don’t really need your laptop to answer them which means: More FREEDOM from you.

Youtube Video

One thing I add to my Landing Pages for SEO purposes is a Youtube Video, because basically, Google likes this as it adds more views to videos on their leader video platform, and adds more value to your Landing Page while holding your visitors on your website which is a must-do if you’re trying to rank your products on search engines.
The way to go along with this is by importing a video of your product to Youtube, and then embedding it to your landing page. By importing the product and publishing it, you have a backlink out there that refers to your Landing Page, which is a good thing to get a little higher domain authority.

Landing Page Speed Optimization:

Before you start working on your landing page’s speed optimization, I highly recommend that you run some speed tests on PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom, UpTrend For Mobile, and Dtocom-tools.
The reason you should do this test before optimizing is to know the performance of your website and what’s slowing it down before you optimize, and re-run the test after optimizing to see how much this will affect your loading speed.

Image Optimization:

Images and scripts are the top things that slow your website down, but images take more time to load most of the time if you have over 4 HQ images at your page.
In order for you to reduce your landing page’s speed, the first thing to consider is reducing the size of images in a way that won’t affect the quality of them.
Speaking about myself, I use Photoshop to do so. I import the image I’d love to resize, I export it as a JPG (Never export as PNG because their size is always bigger than JPG) then I reduce the size by 30% to 50% and reduce the quality by 10% to 20%.

Optimize the size of images in your landing page
Click Here to see the full comparison between PNG and JPG files.

It’s very easy and doesn’t require you to have experience with Photoshop. Otherwise, you can check Crush Pics Shopify app, or TinyJPG.
After you optimize images, replace the old ones with the lightweight optimized ones, and re-run the speed test again to see how much your optimization affected the loading speed.


Cloudflare is a company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services. Cloudflare’s services sit between your visitors and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.
Once you add your Shopify store’s domain name to Cloudflare’s network, you can then use it to speed up your website by allowing them to minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Codes.
You can also activate the Brotli Compression and Rocket Loader™ for FREE.
When you find a winning product I recommend that you upgrade your plan from the free plan to the Pro plan to get access to Polish™ Image Optimization and Mirage™ Mobile Optimization.

Landing Page Speed Optimization With Cloudflare

Creating your first Landing Pages is going to be a tough task to accomplish, it’ll consume a lot of your time, and a lot of your energy, it’s only one of two things: bring some water and fruits to your desk and start learning how to get it done, or procrastinate for the rest of the week, and stay at where you are.
I don’t judge, but if you can find something better that would be making you a 6-figure monthly income, just go and get it.
If you find this helpful, let me know down below. and if you have an Ecommerce related problem, make sure to contact me so I can see if it’s something serious, and dedicate some time to it to write a content about it. Have a nice journey, and as always, create your own good luck.

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