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Here at Ecommerce Prophet, we value knowledgeable entrepreneurs that contribute to society by offering insights that helps others grow their businesses online, free of any charge.


Who Should Apply?

We would like to have a wide range of authors on our website. The traits were looking for are very simple:

  • Expert: You’re an expert in your field and preach what you teach.
  • Marketplace Savvy: You understand the differences between eCommerce platforms through your own experience.
  • Giver: You don’t mind sharing very valuable info with others.

If these traits define who you are, you are very welcome to write an article for us.

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What Articles Do We Want?

Our audience’s main interest is starting, scaling, and expanding their businesses online. We believe the pillars of that whole process are:

  • Traffic: If an online business doesnt get traffic, what’s the point?
  • Conversions: How to get more from the same amount of traffic.
  • Operations: What are the systems that make a great online business?
  • Branding: The process of building a reputation for an online business.
  • Networking: How to find, and communicate with like-minded people that will help your business grow?
Any article that falls in one, or multiple pillars of the above, that brings huge value, shares helpful strategies, and answers hard questions will be welcome.
Our Guidelines For

Valuable Guest Posts:

In order to deliver valuable content every time, we have certain standards in place, which guest writers adhere to.

In order to avoid creating an irrelevant and poorly-written copy, make sure your content meets the following guidelines:

  • The post needs to be well-structured. 
  • The post needs to be unique, original, unpublished, valuable, and even actionable. 
  • Ensure that the post does not look like a wall of text. Keep the paragraphs short and include suitable images, infographics, and/or screenshots.
  • The length of the post should be 1200+ words.
  • Use bullet points to break up large chunks of text and present the information in a more interesting and legible manner.
  • The images used in the post should be relevant to the post, and copyright-free. Two to three images per post work well. Do not forget to mention the source.
  • Links will need to be embedded within the content. The anchor text should be included naturally so that the post does not appear promotional in nature.
  • Posts need to be submitted in Google Docs format only, and as an email attachment.
  • Every post needs to end with a conclusion, which should serve as a summary of the entire content and encapsulate its main points. Do not include a new point or add citations in the concluding paragraph.
  • The post should contain at least one link to any of the relevant Ecommerce Prophet’s posts.
  • Make sure not to do the promotion of your company or your client(s) within the post. You have a space in Author Bio to write about it and link to your website from there.

Ecommerce Prophet reserves the right to adjust the title and to remove any promotional link(s) that we may find. Once your post is accepted and has been posted on the Ecommerce Prophet’s Site, it will not be removed.

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