Free Traffic Shopify Strategies To Make Your First 100 Sales.

I came from a 3rd world country, and I know how difficult it is for a young soul to save over $1k so they can invest it in Facebook or Google Ads.
So basically, this article is for people from 3rd world countries that don’t have enough money to start their own ecommerce business, or those who invested all they have without getting the result they wanted.
You might have been looking for ways to drive free traffic that actually converts, and if you’re reading this, you probably failed at doing that. It might be because of gurus putting you down with their negative famous sentence “Grow up kid, it’s 2019 and there’s no way to get free traffic that converts”. or you could be that kind of people that need a reason to procrastinate or give up, not a reason to dust off and keep fighting.
I’d love to tell you before we get into the proven free traffic strategy that if you always give up fast, you can just stop here, and go find a 9-5 job.
I’d also tell you that if you can’t manage to keep your ass in a chair for 5 to 10 hours a day in front of your laptop, this strategy is not for you.
If you’re the kind of people who want to click one button, and after that, you’ll be visited by Donald Trump himself and be handed a Million Dollar check by him, and have 7 billion people around the world clapping their hands and celebrating your success, believe me, you won’t ever succeed unless you change your stupid mindset.
Elon Musk became the successful person we know today because he didn’t live in his comfort zone reading memes and being sarcastic the whole day. He became the one we know today because he decided to be an overachiever, and work for 12 hours every day.
The point I want to make here is very clear. If you’re willing to invest your time into learning and implementing, there’s a very huge chance you will end up having a success story to be proud of, otherwise, I can’t help you.
Now that the point is clear, let’s dive into the strategies.

Grow Social Media Accounts:

Growing your followers’ list is going to become one of your best assets in the future, and you won’t ever regret starting to take action about this matter right now.
In fact, many people will be telling you that it’s nearly impossible to grow an audience if you don’t have hundreds of dollars, what I believe is that people who say such things suck at doing the things they do -if they take action and do what they have to do at the first place.
So instead of listening to the rubbish and stupid things people have to share with you to give you the impression that they have a clue, you should test out all the things I’ll be showing you today, and you will be VERY PROUD of the outcome after 60 days of taking daily action.
My favored social media platforms are Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. All of them will be pouring dozens of free traffic into your Shopify store, it’s absolutely easy to make it happen, you just need some self-discipline.


The easiest formula to start getting 100 visitor a day is through Pinterest, you can even scale it to get thousands of visitors daily in less time than any other social media platform.

Why Pinterest:

  • According to Shopify, the average order value (AOV) from Pinterest traffic is $50 which is higher than all the other social media platforms.
  • Pinterest is the 2nd traffic source to Shopify stores due to the fact that 2 million entrepreneurs pin their products on Pinterest every single day.
  • 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of at least $100k per year which makes Pinterest a huge opportunity for all the serious entrepreneurs out there.
  • 98% users try new things they saw on Pinterest compared to 71% on other social media platforms.
  • Once you get the ball rolling on Pinterest, you’ll get the snowball effect, even if you put half the effort to create pins and pin them.
  • You can use Pinterest to grow other social media accounts.

This is very interesting, isn’t it? But remember, there’s a lot to be done to hit your 100 visitors a day.
You have a huge chance to get to that level within 40-80 days, but only if you can spend more than 2 hours in only creating and publishing content on your Pinterest account.

How can I get to that point very fast?

There are certain practices you should be doing every day to get yourself started very fast with Pinterest, I’ll share with you all the ones that worked well for me, and still do. So let’s just get started:

  • First, you’ll need to create your Pinterest business account, verify your domain name, add a short description that talks to people in your niche.
  • Create new boards, the number is up to you, but I recommend starting at least with 3 at the beginning then adding more as you start getting into multiple sub-niches of your main niche.
  • Add 15-30 Pin every single day, I can’t stress enough how important this is, you should always post a minimum of 15 Pins that refer to your Shopify products every day to start reaching more people very fast, and help yourself achieve your 100 visitors within few weeks. If you get lazy and post less, you may never achieve the goals you set. To create pictures for Pinterest, I use Canva, it takes just a few seconds to chose a template, change the image with your product image, add some text, and you got your Pinterest image ready. What I used to do in the past is taking 3 hours in the weekend to create about 120 image, and pin some of them every day. it doesn’t matter if 2 pins cover the same topic or refer to the same product, it’s actually fine.
  • Join as many group boards in your niche as possible, save some of other people’s pins in there and start adding pins to these boards, if you get your pins saved regularly on a certain group board, you should post more on that particular board, if not, just leave that group board and find more group boards. You should find at least 5 group boards to join every day in your first month to get your daily impressions up very quickly.
  • I used to write a message template when I create a new Pinterest account, and send it to every single person I could find in my niche, I basically ask people in that message if they can collaborate with me, if they agree, we create a group board, add pins, and save each other’s pins. This really helped me reach a lot of people, and thanks to this, I was getting tons of sales from free Pinterest traffic every single month.

If you can handle the pressure and do the tasks above on a daily basis, you should not be amazed when you get your first 100 orders from free Pinterest traffic.


You can easily start an Instagram account and get 10.000 followers within 2 months. and believe me guys, I’m not trying to sell you illusions, or give you misleading information, I do believe in the power of getting things done, and if you do the same as I do -which is doing things I write on my to do list every single day, growing an Instagram account will be as easy as eating a piece of cake.

How can I start growing an Instagram Audience?

What I recommend doing as soon as possible is creating an Instagram business account, and do these tasks for the next 2 months:

  • Post 3 pictures every day. 2 pictures should be general, and one should be a high-quality picture of your product.
  • Post 2 video every day. Instagram is going crazy over videos since Instagram TV started back in 2018. The kind of videos you should be posting is the ones that are currently viral on Youtube or Instagram itself, you should as well be posting videos of your products and leave a link in your bio.
  • Write engaging Captions, you can ask people to leave a comment of what they think about what they see in the image or video, or you can tell stories because people like them.
  • Add Hashtags to your posts to increase your reach, use to find the best hashtags for your niche.
  • Add “Follow: [Your Handle]” because a call to actions is proven to drive more of the action you ask people to do.
  • Archive posts that don’t get good amounts of like and views within the first 1 hour.
  • Don’t do the “Follow, Unfollow” strategy, because it’ll damage your Instagram account’s reach.
  • Use power likes on certain posts to drastically increase your reach, get more link clicks, followers, and hopefully get sales to raise some funds.
  • Contact pages in your size and ask them to join engagement groups.
  • Pay influencers to promote your profile if you can afford it.
  • Retarget people who visit your profile using Facebook ads, offer them something in return for an email sign up to grow an email list and hopefully monetize it. Read more about how to grow email lists and monetize them easily HERE.

If you can manage to stay consistent for a whole 60 days, and maintain a routine that includes all the activities above, you’ll have a huge amounts of organic followers, and it’ll be easy for you to monetize your Instagram account and get it to over $100 daily.


Youtube is not going to take much time since you already created one or a couple of videos for Instagram.
What you need to do every day is post at least one video of your product, write a 400 words description with lots of keywords that are related to your main keywords, and leave a link to your product.
I recommend that you focus on long keywords because they’re less competitive and easier to rank for.
If you can do these 2 simple tasks, I can guarantee you will be receiving free traffic to your Shopify products in less than 2 months, and make organic sales.
You may say that you don’t know how to create videos, what I say is you can do it as long as you’re willing to give some time, focus, and learn from experienced people on Youtube.
After taking action and actually failing and getting nervous about it multiple times, you will make your first stunning video in less than 10 days of practicing, but remember, it can only happen if you stay consistent and train yourself daily.


Gurus don’t tell you how powerful blogging can be, and how it can bring tons of free traffic and organic sales straight to your Shopify store, because basically most of them don’t know, and even if they do, there’s nothing they could sell you in this particular topic.
When it comes to bringing tons of free traffic to your store and products, there’s no better investment of your free time than writing articles.
In order for you to write amazing blog posts, you should spend time reading articles from other bloggers that cover the same topic, and watch video revoews to have more ideas to cover in your articles.
Let’s take survival tools for example. If you can spend 2-3 days collecting information, and writing an article in which you tell people interested in camping, survival tools, World War III and F.E.M.A sort of conspiracy theories, all the tools they will need to survive the wildlife experiences, or global disasters, that will help you get tons of buyer intent traffic from a lot of people that are interested in that subject.
Just make sure to create long and emotion-engaging content and enrich it with life-saving tips, cause giving value is the first rule of SEO, and if you can do it right, you will rank your articles and get organic search traffic in few months.
If you can maintain a routine that helps you write 4-6 articles of over 1500 words, within few months you’ll see your blog ranking next to some popular brands in all search engines, and most of all you will be making organic sales without having to pay for ads.
The first article I ever wrote was so bad that I kept on trying for 11 days, until I turned it into a very interesting article to read.
The most important parts of the puzzle are: Doing research on the topic you will cover if you already don’t have any idea about it, creating a template for your article and breaking down the content into multiple headings and sub-headings, then write down the ideas you collected into small paragraphs. After you finish writing the first sample, read it and see if there are any mistakes to correct, or any room for improvement.
When I was just starting out, I was looking for the best way to write articles and create content generally, and I found the life-changing video from Marie Forleo down below…

One last tip on when it comes to creating content: Start before you’re ready. Your subconscious brain will always be telling you that you’re not ready which, is wrong. You’re always ready even when you don’t feel like it, you just need to take the first couple of steps, and keep moving.
Make sure to take a look at This PDF File to see what kind of articles you should be writing if you want to make your content to attract your audience.

Affiliate Programs:

This is a method that’s very good to get backlinks to your store, and drive unlimited traffic from Blogs and Youtube channels that are getting thousands of views daily.
What you need to do is going to Google and type in the name of any product you’re going to be selling on your store, and visit as many blogs in the results as possible.
While you’re checking these blogs out, make sure to type their URL in SimilarWeb to see how much traffic they get monthly, and contact only those with less than 100k monthly visitors, because basically those with over 100k monthly visitors won’t accept to promote your products unless you pay some really expensive cash.
After you filter out all the big ones and leave only those with 10k to 100k monthly visitors, you will need to write a stunning email script in which you will ask them to collaborate with you, and send it to every one of them.
Don’t expect all of them to answer, it’s a matter of fact that if you only get responses from 5% of them, you should be very satisfied.
There are certain things that you should consider in order to make them interested in collaborating with you and making as many partners as possible, these things are:

  • Including the link of your store in the email script you will be sending them.
  • Make sure that your store looks stunning because bloggers won’t trust you unless you look legit.
  • The email script should be written in a nice way, not a chaotic way.
  • Use a professional email when you will be contacting them. You can use Zoho Mail which is free and convenient.
  • Don’t mention any referral/affiliate program at the first email. wait for them until they respond, and ask them gently to sign up to your affiliate program. and make sure your affiliate program signup page looks awesome, cause it only takes one spammy thing to make potential affiliates run away from your URL and never respond to your emails again.
  • Send the email script to more than 100 blogger.

When it comes to Youtubers, you’ll need to find people that are up to doing product reviews. Most of them do refer to Amazon because they’re a part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. This Amazon affiliate Program pays no more than 12% which is very low.
You need to find them by doing a research on “[Product Name] Review” research, see their content, and then contact them through one of their other social media accounts.
Most Youtubers have a link to their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account in the header of their Youtube channel, so you should visit their social media accounts, and contact them as the representative of “Your Brand’s Name”.
You should give them the feeling that they’re dealing with professionals because otherwise, they’ll feel you’re just another scam, and never respond to your messages again.
You should be ready to provide a free product or a video that’s not similar to the video you have on your Youtube channel. But in most cases, you should send a product to them, in order for them to create content, and send traffic to your products.
You can do the same with Instagram Micro Influencers, Pinterest, or even Snapchat… All you need is a go-getter mentality, think outside the box, and you’ll find more solutions than the ones I have in this article.

Search Engine Optimization:

The 3 strategies mentioned above will give you higher domain authority from almost every single search engine out there, and will help you get tons of free traffic from search engines.
The only thing that may stay between you and your store being ranked in the first page of search engines (and I talk here specifically about google) is optimizing your landing pages. this would take some time, but hopefully you will see good results, and most of all, it’s all free.
So make sure to check my detailed article on how to rank your Shopify products on search engines.

I know it feels bad to have a lot of ideas but not having the money to make them come to life, I’ve been there. but the question that helped me get through it and become the owner of many 6-figure Shopify stores and niche sites is: What are you willing to do to overcome being broke? will you stay on the couch being depressed, reading memes, and blaming everyone for your own failures? or you’re going to take action starting today, and become a winner in a few months?
Everyone has their own answers to find, a lot of you will find something or someone to blame, few are going to take action today, and become a success story of tomorrow.
I won’t be surprised if you made your first $10k from free traffic within your first 3 months using all these methods. As you can see, everything mentioned above can be done, you should only show up every day, and get things done.

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