The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide For Ecommerce Stores

Email Marketing for Shopify

Email marketing is by far the most profitable marketing channel after content marketing in terms of ROI. It’s the medium smart entrepreneurs like me (and you after reading this article) use to build a positive relationship with their customers and leads to further nurture them, give them an idea about the brand’s culture, and hopefully increase their lifetime value (LTV).

So in the next few lines, I will share with you some facts about email marketing that is tough to beat, my 3 favorite ways of growing my email lists, alongside tools that’ll make email marketing for Shopify easier, and finally the email automation every e-commerce store should use.

Why Email Marketing Matters?


No matter what your industry is, email marketing is necessary. If you don’t do email marketing and think you’re not leaving money on the table, just read this, and you’ll be AMAZED:

  • Email marketing has the highest ROI as a marketing channel, it also keeps on maintaining this record every year. Every $1 invested in Email Marketing brings back an average of $40.
  • Your Email List is 100% yours. You just build it, grow it and it’s yours forever… You can take your email list from one email service provider to another.
  • When you post something on Facebook, only 2-3% of your audience will see that. In comparison, at least 90% of your emails will be delivered if you do things right.
  • Email Marketing will be here forever. The first promotional email ever was sent back in 1978 to an email list of 400 people. “What about social media platforms Joe? are you messing with me?” No, Joe. MySpace was the most popular social media platform between 2005 and 2008. Does it still exist? Facebook came up around 2004 and it’s obvious now that its future as a platform is at high-risk levels since Cambridge Analytica, and Elizabeth Warren.
  • Email is easy. You write an email. You send it out to your list. People buy. As easy as that. You can always dive into more advanced stuff but even without it, you can generate decent numbers to your store.
  • Email Marketing can be an Automated Sales Machine. You just create the follow-up email sequence you want your list to go through, and once a new lead joins, they just go through the sequence email by email.
  • Email builds trust and credibility, it’s the most professional communication channel and people wanna get emails from brands they know, like, and trust. To get into the inbox of someone is something to be proud of, and you should appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Email is easy to test. You can test subject lines, products, etc, with email that you can’t easily test using other platforms. This is because you can set up laser-targeted segments in many different ways, test your hypotheses on them, check different subject lines, and check your metrics.

Best 3 Ways To Grow Your Email List Fast

Squeeze Pages:

A squeeze page is basically a page in which the prospect is required to enter their email address before they can go to the next step.

You can use a squeeze page to showcase what your product is going to help a prospect with before you forward them to the next step which is a checkout page. So if they decided to checkout and finalize their order, that’s awesome. If not, you should reach out to them with abandoned checkout series, maybe more content to nurture them and make them familiar with your brand’s name, and what you have to offer.

You may as well use a squeeze page for giveaways and lead magnets.


Giveaways are very powerful. There’s no one on earth that doesn’t like free stuff. That’s why only a few can actually resist a free product, especially if it’s a high-value item.

You can create a small bundle of awesome products and offer them to a few lucky people from your audience for free through influencer marketing or paid ads.

You can redirect the traffic to a squeeze page in which you describe the process of signing up for the giveaway. The landing page should be designed to help you get as many emails as possible.

After you create the landing page, you should decide how to choose the winners, and create email series to get as much value from these emails as possible.


You can segment those that did not win to receive a sequence in which you offer them the giveaway bundle for a fraction of the price. You may as well nurture these leads, and include cross-sells at the bottom of the emails you send.

You may as well use the likes of Instant Giveaway to help you get as many leads as possible and create buzz around your Shopify store on Social Media.

Lead Magnets:

Lead Magnets are a lot like Giveaways, except that in giveaways, only a very small portion of people win, and with lead magnets, everyone gets the free gift.

You cannot afford to give everyone a $50 product But you can hire someone to create a PDF ebook for $50, and give it away to everyone when they opt into your email list.

Your lead magnet should always be very attractive to the eyes to your prospect. Any offer should sound good before it’s good. So you should offer a solution to a pain your customer is going through, and you should make the solution sound compelling.

You can use sign up forms, squeeze pages, and popups. Just make sure you don’t show these in product pages, as they’ll distract your customer from looking at what you’re selling and potentially make a purchase, and sign up to your mailing list instead.

Best Email Marketing Platforms for Ecommerce

Shopify Email:

Shopify has recently decided to create their own email marketing solution and to be honest, I think Shopify Email will be the best email marketing tool you can use as a Shopify store owner.

Shopify Email will automatically import all the basic branding materials from your store such as your logo, color scheme, and fonts, so your emails will sound and actually look like your brand.

Shopify Email will be free until October the 1st due to COVID-19. It’s a small thing Shopify does to help online businesses survive this pandemic-driven recession. The pricing will then be based on the number of emails you send, so you will only pay for what you use.


Klaviyo is a very popular email marketing app among Shopify users. Its user-friendliness and ease of use, alongside its seamless integration with Shopify are the main factors that are allowing it to stand out against all the big competitors.


Klaviyo gives you the ability to run A/B testing campaigns, and email sequences. And the best thing about it is that you can do an A/B testing campaign for email sequences, which is not available with most email marketing saas companies.


MailChimp is the standard in the email industry. It’s easy to use, and it can do almost everything you may need an email marketing software to do.

Even tho MailChimp’s official app was banned from the Shopify App Store, you can still integrate MailChimp with your Shopify store with the help of ShopSync, which is a free Shopify app.

MailChimp as a free plan, but I’d recommend going for the standard plan that costs $14.99 as it includes multi-step automation series. Your Abandoned Checkout will convert more if it’s an email series of emails instead of just one. You will also want to run multiple other series to nurture and educate your leads before you start sending them promotional emails.

5 Email Automations Every Ecommerce Store Needs

Automations are what help you do more with less. Instead of reacting to every trigger action or hiring someone to do it for you, Automations will do it while you sleep, no human contact needed.

Welcome Email

Whenever someone places an order on your store, or simply joins your email list, you want to reach out to them immediately, and build a relationship with them.

As soon as someone does that trigger action, you want them tagged with a certain tag that is by itself a trigger to an email automation.

Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned checkout email automations will make you most of the money you’ll be earning from email marketing as a beginner.

You would want to reach out to the prospect that abandoned the checkout and inform them that they’ve left something in their cart. A few of them will come back and buy. But the vast majority won’t. That’s why you need an email series for your abandoned checkout automation.

The typical number of emails in the email series is 3. And you want your 2nd and 3rd emails to build trust and credibility around your brand. So you should consider including some reviews and F.A.Qs in them.


You may as well send a coupon code in your last email. The price may be a problem with some prospects. So you can send them a coupon and see for yourself if that works or not.

Upsell Offers

Another good automation idea is to send upsell emails to customers that either bought a product that needs another product to unlock other features, or send an email with products from the same product category.

Relevant Updates & Information

You can always reach out to your customer when you’re having a certain promotion or sale on a product or category that they might be interested in.

You should grab their attention with your headline and build urgency, and make sure they open your email as soon as they see it.

You may as well reach out to your customer during Christmas, or thanksgiving to wish them a good day.

Educational Content

One of the most important email automation is an email series that shares awesome content that educates your prospect and gives them more info they’ve never heard of in your field.

You can write blog posts that are designed to engage your prospects, and send the links to them via email.

That way, you will make sure you educate your prospects and give them more info about your culture, while you’re collecting information on who opens, clicks, and engages with your emails, to better segment, and scale your email marketing.

You can include 2 to 3 products at the bottom of your emails before the footer. They’ll certainly bring you some sales.

Segmenting Your List

Segmenting is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to doing email marketing properly. It’s how you separate those who engage with your emails from the ghosts that rarely open them.

When you’re segmenting your email list, you want to split those who show interest in certain topics from those who show more interest in others.

After that, you want to give them more of the same by creating content and finding products that are tailored to them and the things they like.

You may as well start a subscription product based on what your email subscribers love, and have some of them pay you recurring payments every month to be a part of your subscription.

There are also third party offers from the likes of Clickbank that you can be completely free to share with them.

If you’d like help setting up email marketing for your website, feel free to check our email marketing service. We will create email campaigns that’ll keep on passively making you money for years to come.


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