The 5 Most Effective Dropshipping Product Research Methods That Work In 2020

dropshipping product research
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Finding the golden nugget that’ll be making you a 4 figures income daily is a tricky skill that could make or break your success. That’s why it’s crucial to have a dropshipping product research method that’s proven to work, instead of betting on the first guru you find on Youtube.

In the next few lines, I will share with you the 5 most effective dropshipping product research methods and tools, and a few more tips to help accelerate your success, so make sure you read every single line and take action.

Social Media Product Research


One of the easiest, yet successful dropshipping product research methods is scrolling through social media for ads.

The best 2 platforms to spend time using for product research are Facebook and Instagram. But overall, Facebook is the best because you can instantly visit the Facebook page of the advertiser, and go straight to their Ad Library, which is the best tool there is to find if a certain product is getting sales or not.

What I recommend you do is start scrolling Facebook on your phone because it’s where most dropshippers run their ads. Only a few run ads on desktops. And once you find yourself some dropshipping ads in there, copy the links and send them to your desktop.

What you should do next is scan through the Ad Library of the pages that are running these dropshipping ads, and see when were the campaigns launched. If they’ve been running for over 10 days, you can add that product to the list of products you’ll test. If these ads are new, save a direct link to your competitor’s Ad Library, and visit it within a few days.

The longer these ads are running, the better, since no one is going to spend money on ads for a product that doesn’t make them a return on ad spend.

Dropshipping product research on social media is very simple and rational you can easily decide if a product is a winning product or not.

Amazon Product Research

Doing your dropshipping product research on Amazon is also very simple if you use the right tools. I’ve been using Egrow which is a tool commonly used by Amazon FBA entrepreneurs, but I use it for dropshipping on my own website.

The greatest thing about Egrow is a feature called Product Tracker. It allows you to track the sales of any product from Amazon to see if there’s a demand or not.


I do research on Amazon’s Best Sellers and Amazon’s Movers & Shakers. Once I find products that can be sourced from China, I add them to Egrow’s Product Tracker, and let it do everything for me.

If a product is getting at least 50 sales every day, I add it to the list of products to test. If it’s getting less, I don’t test it. Very simple.

Egrow has a Chrome Extension that will help you do better research on Amazon. You just go to a page with a lot of products, and click the extension’s icon, and it’ll get you all the details about the products on your page. And you can easily add any product to the Product Tracker without having to go to your dashboard and do it manually.

You can find products for any niche if you decide to start a niche store, all you need to do is to write your niche’s keyword and hit enter. You can also filter Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers by product category, and then click Egrow’s Chrome extension. You’ll get all the data for these niche products instantly.

Egrow has a free plan, but it’s very limited. So if you’re on a small budget, you can use Unicorn Smasher, which is another Chrome extension for Amazon that does the same as Egrow’s, except you won’t be able to track the performance of products day by day.

Product Research With Spy Tools

The best and most colorful dropshipping product research method is having a feed full of products that are “proven” to get sales. And that’s exactly what dropshipping spy tools promise. Except, not all of them deliver what they promise. Let me explain:

Most spy tools we see nowadays are very cheap a teenager from a third world country could easily afford, and that’s why they don’t work.

When you have a spy tool that costs less than $50 USD and sometimes even $9 USD, you have to understand that all the products you’re being served are very saturated, because all the users of that spy tool are trying to sell them.

However, there’s a particular spy tool that I’ve been using, that delivered the result promised. The spy tool I’m talking about is Adplexity Ecommerce.

Adplexity costs $199 USD, that’s why not every average wannabe dropshipper can afford it. And to be honest and very transparent with you, Adplexity WORKS.


The first reason I know it works is because after I signed up for it, I found products I was selling on their platform. So I knew I didn’t waste my money eventually. And the second reason is: The first product I took from Adplexity to test it was an absolute winner and made me $6k within the first week.

I managed to get you a 25% off coupon from Adplexity. So if you’d like to get it for $149 instead of $199, make sure you use the discount code “EcommerceProphet25

AliExpress Product Research:

When it comes to finding products on AliExpress, there are 2 tools that you need to be aware of. The first is AliExpress Dropshipping Center, and the other one is a Chrome extension called Asify.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a tool built-in within your AliExpress account. It allows you to see what dropshippers are selling the most through AliExpress.

Most of the products you’ll find there are junk products that I don’t recommend testing. However, you can browse through the huge list of products until you find something that stands out.

The other product research tool for AliExpress is Asify. It’s a lot like Ali Hunter, except you do not need to give any app access to your Shopify store for you to use it.

Asify gives you statistics of how many sales the product is getting daily so you can have a clear idea in mind on whether the product is worth testing or not.

When doing product research through AliExpress with the help of Asify, I highly recommend that you test products that are getting steady amounts of sales daily. I would also recommend that you find products that are doing at least 30 sales a day. This way, you can guarantee that you’re only spending money on ads for products that are more likely to get you a return of investment.

Trending Products’ Websites

If you’re feeling bored as a dropshipper, and need to find fresh ideas to unleash the creative side of you, this dropshipping product research method is dedicated to you.

To show you how powerfuld this product research method is, I’ll tell you a story…


Once I was -as you can guess- very bored of scrolling through Facebook to find products that were already selling, that’s why I went to Trend Hunter to find a virgin product… Who doesn’t love virgins?

So as I was sliding all the ideas on Trend Hunter, I found this amazing product called Flawless legs. To me, looking at that product was “love from the first sight”.

I clicked the image for the product on Trend Hunter, and I was forwarded to Amazon. I found out the product is $99 USD on Amazon, and only 2 merchants are selling it. No FBA, just FBM.

I went to the good old AliExpress to see if I could find it, and… I found it… for $24. Can you believe that?!

So the first thing I was thinking of for that particular product is: Make it viral. And to do so, I had to reach out to some Influencer chicks I worked with previously. All for the sake of getting myself some clips, so I can create a few video ads.

I shipped the products to the influencers, created landing pages to split test, and when the video ads were ready, I started running PPE ads heavily for the product, and girls were LOVING it.

So since the ads were driving me a very good ROAS, I switched to Conversion ads on Facebook, and ran ads on Youtube and Pinterest as well.

You can easily find great product ideas just by browsing these trend websites, but the problem is: It’s not for beginner dropshippers. It’s for those that can handle the pressure of making new products with huge potential, go viral.

If you’d like to get the list of trend websites such as Trend Hunter, click here.

How to Filter products?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when you’re filtering the list of products you got after doing your product research. These questions are:

  • Is this product solving a real problem for your prospects?
  • Is this product cool? or does it prevent emotional or physical pain?
  • Can you sell it with at least a $20 profit margin?
  • Can the product be improved? Can you find a similar product that does more? provides more value?
  • If you got your product from a competitor, can you have a better sales funnel than his?

Answer these questions while you’re looking at each product, and test only those that get YES as an answer to each individual question.

If none are getting YES for the 4th question but get it for the rest of them, you can as well be comfortable testing them. Otherwise, you need to do more product research.

How To Test Products?

If you don’t want to waste your product research efforts and actually make this work for you, there are 2 things you need to do.

The first thing is to optimize your sales funnel to make your user experience smoother, and get as many sales to your products as possible.

Read More: 3 Proven Tips To Optimize Your Shopify Sales Funnel.


The second thing is learning how to run ads on Facebook, so you don’t overspend, and get more sales without increasing your ad spend.

Read More: Facebook Ads Beginner To Expert.

If you need additional help with your sales funnel, ads, or simply need a free Shopify store review, make sure to reach out to us. We helped and are still committed to helping startup dropshipping entrepreneurs succeed.

About The Author:
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine is the Founder and CEO of Ecommerce Prophet. He started his own Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing journey back in 2016. He’s now working with Ecommerce businesses and brands of all sizes to help them get more sales, leads, optimize their conversions and operations.

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