Best Shopify Apps To Triple Your Conversion Rate

best shopify apps

If you were in this game for a long time, you’d notice that The Shopify App Store is growing like crazy… Every day developers launch new apps with bright ideas, and others work on existing app ideas to enhance them and make them their own. If you can see it from the same angle as mine, it is a smart way to make passive income, in addition to the fact that it increases competitivity in the market, and creates a variety of alternative to those of us who can’t afford the pricy and perfect option.

Did you ever wonder how many apps are there right now in The Shopify App Store? Well, in May 2017, there were already 1781 app. If you can take a look to see how demand on Shopify is increasing, you’d realize that the supply for apps will increase accordingly, which can also mean exponentially.
From all the thousands Shopify apps on the app store right now, dropshippers like me and you find it really hard and confusing to define apps that would go along with their business model while helping them scale their businesses, and increase their conversion rates.
You can actually install any app you want, test it out, and if you don’t find it useful you can delete it right away. The problem is: Most of the apps you install add their own scripts to your theme’s code, but when you delete them, these scripts don’t remove themselves automatically, so they take time to load, which hurts your pages loading speed. This increase in the loading speed increases your bounce rate, and in the long run, it hurts your SEO.
In this article, I’ll share with you the apps that helps me increase your sales without destructing my store’s loading speed.

Laying Down The Foundation:


Whenever I create a new store for myself or for a client, there are several apps that I always start with, these are considered axioms to me and can’t be replaced.

PayPal Tracking Info Autopilot:

As we all know, PayPal tends to put a 180 day hold on all the high-risk businesses out there using their payment system. Among the first things their algorithms check to recognize a low-risk business from a high-risk one is Tracking Numbers.
Here comes the PayPal Tracking Info Autopilot… This handy app makes it easy for you to update all the orders paid via PayPal by automatically adding a Tracking Code to them. All you need to do is add a tracking code to the order, and it’s added to PayPal, no need to spend time by adding it manually.
This app is free to install, but it’ll take $0.17 from each tracking number added to your PayPal Business Account if you have 499 or less orders monthly, and the price goes down as you scale your business and start getting over 500 orders monthy.


At some point and when you’ll have a winner that’s generating lots of sales daily, you will need to start fulfilling orders with a CSV file.
Exporting CSVs through Shopify is free, but it’s a pain in the ass because the CSV exported contains lots of unnecessary information. and because it’s against the law and your privacy policy to share this info with your supplier, you’ll have to modify the CSV file before you send it, when you’ll try to do so you’ll understand why I said “pain in the ass”.
Using Exportify to export your orders is very convenient, because it gives you the ability to only chose the data that needs to be shared with your supplier for the orders to be fulfilled.


Another thing that causes headaches to the dudes that are new to CSV Order Processing, is adding a tracking code to each order.
You might be getting 500 orders a day, and if you’re adding each tracking number manually to the order associated to it, it will take forever.
If you have this problem and need to solve it, you need to consider taking a look at Massfulfill.
The process is very easy, you just upload the CSV with Tracking Numbers received from your supplier, select the name and email and the tracking number rows, and MassFulfill will fulfill all your orders while you’re doing your product research or having a nap, or whatever…


Facebook Pixel is one of the smartest algorithms out there that provides user tracking, and optimizes your campaigns to get you people that are more likely to perform the action you desire on your website.
The problem is: the pixel doesn’t perform at its best when selling different niche specific products using the same pixel.
Let’s assume you’re using one pixel while selling 3 winning products, one a product in the Home Improvement niche, the second is a Fishing related product, and the last one is in the beauty/cosmetics niche. Instead of focusing on only one audience, your pixel will try to optimize for all the niches above, which will give it a very small audience compared to having a pixel for each audience.
This habit will affect your conversion rate, make CPMs very high small audience, high CPAs, and if you’re trying to get into other niches, you will have a rough time trying to break even.
PixelHook gives you the luxury of assigning a new pixel to each collection or niche, so whenever you test new products from new niches, you can test them with new pixels, and if you have a product from an existing niche, you can test it with the existing optimized pixel and get better results.

Google Ads Tracking by AdNabu:

If you’re planning to run Google Ads, you’ll need to install the Google Ads Tracking Code. I tried to install it manually before, and tried other apps as wel, but I wasn’t successful at that.
Every dropshipper who lacks coding skills needs this app. It’s free and very easy to install. The only additional feature it needs is a product feed feature within, but don’t worry… Google Shopping Feed app creates a feed for you, and the good thing about it is that the feed won’t crash every second.

Easy Country Blocker:

This one is the only one of its kind. while it helps you reduce the number of chargebacks, it also prevents dropshippers from stealing your images and descriptions.
You may know that PayPal and Stripe at some point will put your money on hold if you do give lots of refunds. Easy Country Blocker partially helps you by allowing you to block visitors from certain countries that have high-risk fraud profiles.

Shopify App
Easy Coutnry Blocker Shopify App

This app doesn’t do it for you, obviously, you need to do a research on this matter, and find the countries from which this high-risk and fraudulent traffic comes from.
The other handy feature this app offers is disabling right clicks on all the pages within your store, which means if some dropshipper came to steal your product pictures and description, they won’t be able to copy them wich is awsome.


Bold Multi‑Currency:

If you’re an International Dropshipper, you need a Currency Converting app.
There are dozens of apps on the Shopify app store that serve the same purpose as Bold Multi-Currency, they charge you cash, while Bold Multi-Currency is stunning and FREE. So why do would you think you need to spend money on other apps?

Crush Pics:

As far as I’m concerned, Dropshippers that are crushing it use only high quality images in their stores, and you too need to only use HQ images. The problem is high quality images are heavier when it comes to their size (kilo-bytes) which affects your pages loading speed.
Crush Pics allows you to compress the size of these pictures without decreasing the quality

Supply Apps:

Whenever you go to Youtube looking for answers on how to find winning products, gurus always give examples of products from AliExpress. This made every single starter hold the thought that Dropshipping is a synonym of AliExpress in their subconscious, which is misleading.
In this part of the article, I’ll tell you what worked and still works for me when it comes to sourcing products from China and the USA, so you would learn from my experience an set your mind free from the Guru BS.

During the past 2 years, I’ve sourced a lot of products from AliExpress and other sources, I worked with some great suppliers, and with others that are lazy and not reliable.
The good ones I worked with used to pack and ship the products within 1-2 business days using USPS which was very good for me, because my customers were receiving their orders in less than 10 days.
Other suppliers didn’t take their jobs seriously, and were shipping in at least 4 days and more.
The fact that I needed to switch from a supplier to another was giving me the impression that I had to find something better.
When I did my research back in 2017, I found Wholesale2b which has a Shopify app in the app store, and started experimenting.


Wholesale2b has a directory of suppliers from China, USA, UK and more, so you can ship from the place that suits your business, and send parcels faster. You can sign up and take a look at it for free from HERE, but you’ll need to choose a plan if you want to integrate it with your store.
You can always contact your supplier and ask him to source the product you’ll be testing, so you can import it and start working. I highly recommend joining Wholesale2b to source your products at this early stage of testing, and once you find a winning product, buy a quantity from a manufacturer on Alibaba, and send it to a fulfillment center if you plan on doing ecommerce the right way.

Customer Support:

Customer support apps are among the most important apps you should consider if you have intentions of scaling your business. I mainly use 3 apps to make it easier for the visitors to ask their questions, and I make sure their questions are answered. The apps I use are:


Its name explains it all. LiveChat is the best app there is in the app store if you want to answer your visitors’ questions before they bounce and they’re gone forever.
The best thing about it is its phone app, which helps you be there and answer their questions when they’re on a buying mood, even if you’re sitting on the toilet.
LiveChat is trusted by PayPal, Stripe, Pizza Hut, IKEA, Huawei, Orange, and the list goes on… And the fact that it offers a 30-day free trial makes it irresistible.

LiveChat App

Call Center:

If you’re currently making a 5-figure profit on your store, you need Call Center to help you turn that 5-figure into a 6-figure profit.
Call Center is the ultimate solution to all those entrepreneurs who’d love to add customer support without having to hire more people to answer the phone.
When you have a phone number on your website, that’s a sign to the visitors that they can trust you, especially when we’re talking about high ticket sales. You can’t sell $400 products on your store without a professional landing page and a phone number.
What Call Center allows you to do is like magic. You can set the Callbot IVR and the SMS Chatbot one time, and you’ll only have to check it once or twice a day to answer all the calls and messages without leaving the app. Call Center is $250 a month, and if you’re currently scaling your store, you may need some extra help fro Call Center to handle the pressure.

Call Center IVR
Call Center Shopify App


Allowing your customers to track their orders within your store is awesome, but this app is even better at doing so.
Trackable allows your customers to track their orders using their emails and order number, and when they provide these info, they’re redirected to a customized page in which they see what was in their cart, alongside with a map that shows the location of the product the last time it was reported.

High Converting Landing Pages Builder:

My few students know one thing about me, my hate for the Shopify Product Pages… God! I hate them, and I can be radical when it comes to that.
“Man, why would you hate them that much?”.. Simply because they cost us money when we don’t feel it.
I’ve done lots of case studies to see which one converts better. I noticed that always a custom made landing page beats the regular product page every dropshipper is currently using, and perhaps that’s why it sucks, because everyone use it!
I personally use Shogun Page Builder to create almost every single page of my store. Lots of big Shopify Stores are using the same app such as MVMT Watches, and brands like these use it for a reason.

Shogun Landing Page
Shogun Page Builder

When creating a landing page to a particular product, make sure to use colors that go along with your product, include some social proof and frequently asked questions, and don’t over use scarcity, or you’ll look like a scam.

Optimizing Your Checkout Process:

If you do get lots of abandoned checkouts, the problem is more likely to be your complicated checkout process. Here are a couple of apps that’ll help you turn around this problem:

Skip To Checkout:

The first step to reduce abandoned checkouts is to remove the cart page which is useless I believe.
Skip To Checkout eliminates the cart page from your checkout funnel so you’ll cut one part of your checkout process, and make it a little less complicated .


CartHook is a one-step checkout solution that allows you to have all the 3 checkout parts (contact information, shipping and payment information ) in one page, making it easy for the customer to enter their information without going from a page to another.
Another feature included in this app is the one-click upsell that gives you the chance to put another product in front of the customers while they’re on their buying mood, this feature will help you increase your average order value.

This app also allows you to customize your checkout process, upsell page and thank you page the way you want, so you can experiment, and come to a conclusion of yours…
CartHook is $300 a month and it has a 14-day trial, take advantage of this trial and give a try.

Email Marketing:

Did you know that from every $1 invested in email marketing you get at least $15, and that email marketing has the highest ROI as a marketing channel? These are just 2 reasons why you should email if you’re doing ecommerce…
As a beginner, there’s no better option than GetResponse to collect emails and engage your audience, because it of the fact that it’s among the leaders of email marketing providers, in addition to the cheap monthly subscription which is just $15 a month for less than 1000 contact.
Instead of using the shady exit intent pop-up strategy and other similar ones (that slows your website + makes more people bounce from your store + not recommended by Facebook Ads because they make the customer experience less friendly) I highly recommend that you consider doing better campaigns to capture emails, you can have a draw on a best seller, or give a free ebook to collect emails, just think outside the box, and look for tools that would help you achieve your purpose…
I wrote a whole article on how I collected 1 Million targeted niche emails using GetResponse, make sure to take a look at it to see how easy it is to automate your business, spend less money on ads while turning your Shopify journey into pure passive income.

If you liked the content of this article, share it with your dropshipping friends, and don’t hesitate to let me know down in the comments which app you find more useful. if you think there’s a cool app that I didn’t include, share it with us down below so other would take a look at it and see if they could make a use out of it.

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