3 AliExpress Alternatives For Faster And Automated Dropshipping

Oberlo and AliExpress Alternatives
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Finding an Oberlo and AliExpress alternative that can provide faster shipping, automated fulfillment, and branded packaging can make you a little overwhelmed.

There are dozens of AliExpress alternatives in there that promise you something they’re not capable of doing, and they do actually require you to pay before you get to try their service.


So, in the next few lines, I will share with you the best 3 AliExpress alternatives that can source any product you want, ship fast, automate fulfillment, and a lot more. You stick to what you love the most and let these companies do the hard work for you.

1st AliExpress Alternative: ZenDrop (The Silkroad Previously)

ZenDrop is a company that was found by Jared Goetz who’s an entrepreneur that made a lot of money dropshipping. So you can expect ZenDrop to be designed especially to help solve your problems as a dropshipper.

What makes ZenDrop a great AliEpress alternative is the fact that it doesn’t only help you import products to your store, but it can do a whole bunch of other handy things you need as a dropshipper.

The first thing is that with ZenDrop, you can have your product shipped to your customer right from China in as low as 5 days, which is a game-changer for you if you were struggling with AliExpress suppliers.

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Another great thing about it is that you can have your business address and logo on your package, which is something cool if you’ve never done white labeling.

The third thing I like about ZenDrop is that once your order is shipped, the app automatically fulfills the order and sends shipping notification to your customer. No need to touch any button or deal with CSV files anymore.

You can place a sourcing request to ZenDrop if you can’t find a product you’re trying to sell within the product they already have ready. But they will treat your request based on how good you are at dropshipping, and what plan you’re subscribed to. So, if you want special treatment, you can always start with the $49.95 plan.


2nd AliExpress Alternative: uDroppy

Another awesome Oberlo and AliEpress alternative is uDroppy that can ship your products worldwide within 4 to 15 days, which is absolutely a big deal.

With uDroppy, you can focus on marketing your products while they take care of the rest. Starting from sourcing, all the way to white labeling.

Another thing they provide that others don’t is COD (cash on delivery). This can help you earn the trust of these consumers that had many bad experiences with their online purchases. This can increase your conversions drastically.

uDroppy has a free plan that you can sign up for if you’d like to test it out. However, if you have a winning product that is currently making a decent amount of sales, the PRO plan that costs $149 will be very valuable since you’re going to get a dedicated e-commerce manager to help you out when things get messy.

In the PRO plan, you’ll also get to unlock white labeling, virtual warehouse, cash on delivery, and fulfillment agreement to provide to your payment processor when they put a hold on your funds.

3rd AliExpress Alternative: CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a bit different from uDroppy and ZenDrop since it cuts the middle man between you and your supplier as they’re your actual supplier, unlike the others that manage the relationship between you and the supplier. That’s why it makes a great AliExpress alternative.

With CJ Dropshipping, you can source any product you want from China, and have the CJ Dropshipping team ship it fast once you get sales.

They have a lot of shipping methods that are very fast. They can get your product to the US through USPS within 4 to 12 days. They also have a US warehouse that can come handy when you’re scaling.

When it comes to branded packages, it’s not like the others that have a pay-as-you-go system. That’s why you will need to pay for as low as 100 packages to be printed before you start your white labeling journey.

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CJ Dropshipping has an app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Once you integrate them, you will need to link the products you have to their equivalents in CJ, so the app can listen for new orders and show them in your CJ dash.

They offer a whole bunch of payment methods like the good old VISA, Master Card, PayPal, and Payoneer. They also accept wire transfers.

Once your order is shipped, the tracking numbers are synced instantly, and notifications are sent to your customers, so you can focus on marketing instead of order fulfillment.

Using one of these 3 companies to source and ship your products is going to be a game-changer. You’ll have more satisfied customers, less disputed payments, and the most important thing is: the positive reviews and word of mouth will be getting you more sales, which is the foundation you need to scale your dropshipping business.

If you need professional help with anything dropshipping including advertizing, white labeling, and so, feel free to reach out to us. We don’t bite.

About The Author:
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine Ouasbir
Yassine is the Founder and CEO of Ecommerce Prophet. He started his own Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing journey back in 2016. He’s now working with Ecommerce businesses and brands of all sizes to help them get more sales, leads, optimize their conversions and operations.

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