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Situations change all the time. All the average digital entrepreneurs I knew back in 2015 were hitting 6-figure a month easily. But every time something changes, the 6-figure turns into a 5-figure, then 4-figure, and then no figures at all. And that’s what wakes me up every morning at 4 AM.

Ecommerce Prophet was created to help people from all sorts of backgrounds start and scale their own ecommerce business the right way, ensuring that the next wave of change won’t move their cheese. 

Next Generation Ecommerce

Adapting to the new trends is a key habit for you to make your business a success.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We’ve seen starters, and even some veterans in the field follow the classic advice of unqualified gurus about how they should test and test, over and over again, until -by the grace of god- they find something that stands out. But guess what happens? They fail. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way…

We know it because we’ve been there before, and we’ve lost almost everything we had. Hopefully, we’ve been “lucky” enough to find out that we should adapt to the new way of doing things, while making sure we hand out the tasks we are not good at to the experts. That’s when magic starts happening.

2 Qualities of the Elite online CEOs


All the ELITE Online CEOs I had the previledge of being around practice being thoughtful. They spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas that represent a potential growth to their brands. It doesnt matter if you IQ is 80 or 180. If you open your mind to see the difference between you and the big brands in your industry, you’re one step closer to success.


Action is important. But to take action, you need some big sacks filled with big balls. You can spend weeks brainstorming ideas and coming up with the best strategies, but if you don’t have the balls to pull the trigger, to work hard, invest money hiring professionals and experimenting, the only thing you’ll have in mind is regret and negative thoughts.

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